A Beverly Hills home listed by Mercer Vine.

A Beverly Hills home listed by Mercer Vine.

As you drive past a for sale sign in your neighborhood, don’t you always wonder what the house is actually like on the inside?  Now there’s a way you can know without having to drag yourself to a 10:00 am Sunday open house.  The latest innovation in the real estate market is live streaming of open houses which allows people who can’t be there in person a good look inside the property and offers an open and direct line of communication with the real estate agent.  Even if you don’t feel like asking questions yourself, much can be learned as a fly on the wall watching a live stream where others are asking all the hard-hitting questions.

For real estate agents, this method is genius because it allows them to showcase the property in a way that can’t be shown through photos.  By following the agent through the door and up the stairs, you will better be able to understand the layout of the home than trying to piece it together through floor plans and photos posted online.  Streaming on Facebook allows agents to reach a wider audience than just active home searchers, some of whom may forward the properties on to friends or family.  How much more interesting would an episode of House Hunters be if it were filmed in your neighborhood?  With Facebook Live, it basically can be.

Brian Griffin, a Los Angeles estate agent at Mercer Vine, explains how his company has embraced the power of Facebook Live,

"An agent's ability to expose his or her clients' home to as many eyes as possible is what the job is all about. The more people who see and interact with my listings the better price I will get for my clients.  I've added "Facebook Live" as one of my marketing advantages for my listing meetings in the past 3 months and explain to clients the benefits of "eyes-on" tech.  Those of us who find a way to create this open house content will be the beneficiaries and our clients will be the winners."

Although the use of live streaming in real estate is not yet popularized in the US like it is in Australia,  some of this may have to do with the fact that the majority of property sold is Australia is often via live auction which can attract hundreds of people to a neighborhood home.  These auctions air on television with live bidding and property tours.  Now the action has moved to the internet with live feeds of auctions gaining up to 300,000 viewers on Facebook alone.

Staging a home and having it professionally photographed has worked wonders in the real estate world, now you can take it to the next level and have your open house live-streamed by television quality cameras and producers at Vego Pictures.