VEGO’s production capabilities are ideal for any brand working in the digital space. Below are some case studies from our greater achievements.



Case Study

Branded Content Promotion

Vego supported the LOL Network and Old Spice as they launched Cold As Balls.

  • 60.5M total views

  • LOL Network GAINED 300K YOUTUBE subscribers

  • 2.7M social engagements

  • 219M earned media impressions

  • Old Spice saw in increase of 86% in digital engagement, signed on to sponsor Season 2 of Cold as Balls 

  • Press Coverage: ESPN, Deadline Hollywood, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Bleacher Report, 



Case Study


Vego joined forces with ABC and provided all social media content for the re-launch American Idol in 2018.  

  • #1 Primetime broadcast on social on Sunday & Monday nights

  • 1 billion weekly impressions (over 3 billion within 2 days of premiere)

  • #AmericanIdol trended in USA and worldwide on Twitter

  • Outperformed The Voice by +2x on Facebook in all categories



Case Study

Branded Content creation

Vego partnered with the LOL Network to edit a commercial for Old Spice's Hydro Wash featuring Kevin Hart & Terry Crews.

  • 550,000 social engagements

  • 603,000 post clicks

  • Old Spice Results

    • +390% increase in digital engagement

    • +280% lift across fan growth

    • +400% increase in Youtube engagement





Case Study

Branded Content PROMOTION

Vego provided LOL Network with marketing materials for Seasons 1 & 2 of sponsored series Lyft Legend.

  • Season 1 stats: 52M video views

  • 1.65M social engagements

  • 58 press hits, 152M earned media impressions

  • PRE-ROLL CTR INCREASED 6x TYPICAL RATE to 30% for this series

  • Lyft experienced a 68% increase in content interactions and 33% increase in fan growth

  • Kevin Hart chosen as an Instagram creator and given early access to IGTV platform where Season 2 of Lyft Legend officially launched